Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just another busy month....

It takes more than just a hard work to make sure the "arch" keep on shining!!!

For others, it might be just a "burger" but not for me....only the peoples behind the "arch" knows!!!

i'm lovin' it....I Love My Job!!!!

So many things to do in so little time I have......tried to prioritize but end up seems like all is important. Always asked myself, is it the workload that I can't cope to or am I just being slow in completing all the tasks? (sometimes...just lazy..not denied that!!!)

It is common for me to take home the paper work during my off day. Tried not too but I just can't. Working 12 to 13 hours a day is normal for McD's managers including me!

Since McD operations is 365 days a year and some of the outlets open 24 hours a day, the restaurant manager must be on call any time any day! No matter on your off day or on leave.

I'm the one who choose to serve the company....why complaint? Only God knows why I stuck here!!!!


Josh said...

Yeeeaayy... dah ada update!! Tahniah tahniah!

Kesian Maz. But job satisfaction will compensate what ever bitterness and difficulties encountered along the way.

Thanks Maz, because of u all, we're LOVING IT. keep up the good work.

kak ja said...

Salam Maz,
Alhamdulillah, sempat gak Maz mengupdate.. Cian Maz yg busy sokmo.. Tak pe Maz, time patut struggle, strugglelah.. Maz masih muda, mmg patut gigih mcm ni.. Kalau lambat start struggle, blom sempat tercapai matlamat, kita dah letih..

azizi said...

We are loving ..ta ra ta ra taa ..McDonalds! ..... jgn quit lagi ye, tunggu aku balik - nak makan burger free ! :-)

mazddaud said...

Hi Josh,

Tu la, terpaksa curi2 masa nak update ni pun.

Job satisfaction...hope so, as what you said.

You're welcome...i'm lovin' it too...;-)

mazddaud said...

Salam Kak Ja,

Ishhh...sekarangpun dah mula rasa letih...memang dah tua la rasanya...hehehehe

mazddaud said...


Bila nak balik tu...2012??

Ehhh...kan ke kau nak sambung post doctorate plak? Alamat sampai pencen la aku kena kerja kat McD ni....hehehehehe