Thursday, March 26, 2009

25 Randoms....

Sekali sekala kena "tag" seronok juga, lebih2 lagi bila tengah takde ideas nak update blog...hehehehe

Tag by Azizi..

"Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you...."

1. Suka beli, baca dan simpan buku...sometimes the sequence will change to "beli & simpan" when too busy working!

This is not even half from my collections...;-)

2. Tak ada ramai kawan....:(

This is the only group that colored my life for the past 10 years!

3. Honest and sometimes too honest!

Somebody in this picture told me..."You have a problem....the problem is your honesty"

4. I'm a good cook!
Opps! Sekali sekala perasan, boleh kan.....;-)
So many peoples told me about this...kena admit la kot...hehehehe

5. I'm a loyal person...if not, I won't tied with McD until now...10 years already!! I think I can be a very loyal lover too..*wink*wink*

6. I love vegetables!!
Kalau masak instant noodle pun boleh nampak banyak sayur daripada mee...hehehe

7. I got 7 siblings. I'm the 5th. I have 3 brothers, a sister, a little sister and a little brother! I can't ask more right? Semua dah cukup, abang, kakak & adik...hehehehe

8. Love this number..."8". My car plate number end with this "double" number and my house also this number. Chinese believe this number got "ONG"...ha ha ha....for me saja suka2 je...

9. Also like this number.."9". My date of birthday and my month of birthday! So, this year I can have "090909" for my birthday date....dah tau my birthday jangan lupa kirim hadiah ye....hehehehe

10. My name and both my sisters lebih kurang sama and the same goes to my brothers...only differentiate by one letter but our face totally different!

11. Walaupun saya boleh dikategorikan sebagai lembik (???), but I still managed to complete my PALAPES training! Commission as "7509924 Leftenan Muda Mazlina"....

On commission day at University Malaya!!! ( 3 of my friends in this photo already passed away...Al-Fatihah..)

12. I always got Teddy Bear as a gift....tak tau kenapa...maybe I should ask after this...hehehe...anyway, really appreciate it!!

Inilah di antara "Teddies" tu....Left : gift from my friend..........Right : birthday gift from my sister

13. Wearing specs since my age 15..

This is the latest one....baru buat 3 hari lepas!

14. I don't have any specific favorite color....but now I realize that most of my belongings are "Red" and "Orange"...ha ha ha

15. I still can survive if somebody throw away cockroach to me but not lizard...I will run for my life....hehehehe

16. I was in gymnastic team from Form 1 till Form 3 at St George Girl School....jangan kata you all semua tak percaya, tuan punya badan sendiri pun rasa susah nak percaya bila ingat balik...ha ha ha ha ha ha

17. I never go to anywhere outside Penang & Kedah without somebody accompany me....but I will break the record this May......hopefully I'll be fined...InsyaAllah!!

18. Lately, I always ordered "teh tarik" when dine in outside which is I never do before....hmmmm....nak kena periksa ni why suddenly my appetite can change....;-)

19. "Me" and "Western Food" = oxymoron
I really had "perut Melayu"....the true facts - until today, I only had Chicken Chop and Beef Steak once in my whole life!! Tapi lepas ni tak tau la pulak kalau tiba2 jadi macam no.18 tu kan.....hehehehe

20. I wanna learn to play piano and violin but still don't have the opportunity until today.

21. I think I'm a perfectionist....I think je la...anyway, kesempurnaan itu hanya milik Allah SWT.

22. 1/3 of my ages, I'm staying at hostel. From Form 1 until graduate..

23. Wherever I go, I always carried camera in my bag but very seldom take out...ha ha ha

24. I love to read quotes very much...the latest quote I read :
"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity"
by Albert Einstein
This quote can apply to current economic....:)

25. This is my longest entry....fakta tau!

Phewwww.....berpeluh nak siap! I can't tag anybody else since everyone I know dah kena tag semua....

Ok GG....hutang settle ye....;-)


rerama salju said...

Salam Maz,
Akak percaya kesemua 25 yang Maz tuliskan ni,about byk buku tu,(nanti kasi akak pinjam ya?)about honest dan tak ramai kwn tu,(mmg nampak ketelusan Maz)about pandai masak tu(nanti akak dtg Maz masak ya?)

best gak kan Maz buat tag ni,so kita pun dapat lah mencari Who Am I ni?kalau tidak,kita pun tak perasan...hahaha

Have a nice Weekend Maz!

Love ya!

kak ja said...

"I think I'm a perfectionist..."

Hey Maz.. u were born in Sept, remember? Biasalah org Virgo ni.. fhm sesgtlah... sj menyusahkan diri sendiri!!

azizi said...

wow, merci.
byk benda aku tak tahu pasal hang ye.... aku tau yg kau suka buli aku aja.... ;-)
mei nanti hang kena pandai2 la makan makanan omputeh ye .....

mazddaud said...

salam rs,

tak boleh buat selalu la tag yg jenis ni...nanti byk sgt rahsia pecah....ha ha ha ha

mazddaud said...

kak ja,

biasa "virgo" selalunya lain drp yg lain kannnnnnn....give me five!!!!...;-)

mazddaud said...


a'ah la...dah lama aku tak buli kau...takpe, tunggu May ye!!!!

tapi........bukan kau ke yg selalu buli aku...ha ha ha

hmmmmm....utk megelakkan aku kena makan makanan omputeh, apa kata kau masak utk aku.....*wink*wink*

ha ha ha akulah seorang pembuli!!!