Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cell phone vs Quran

Cell phone vs. Quran

Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Quran like we treat
our cell phone?

What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?

What if we flipped through it several time a day?

What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?

What if we used it to receive messages from the text?

What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?

What if we gave it to kids as gifts?

What if we used it when we traveled?

What if we used it in case of emergency?

This is something to make you go....hmm...where is my Quran?

Oh, and one more thing.

Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Quran being disconnected

Makes you stop and think 'where are my priorities? And no dropped calls!

****baik untuk renungan...:-)
anyway, thanks to you, Aziera for this.....


[danial][ma] said...

hej! mazddaud...i think handphone nowadays can keep a whole book of Holy Bible or Holy Quran...and you can bring it around with you...listen, recite, read anytime, anywhere...;-)

mazddaud said...

hi danial,

yup,agree with you...but the problems is how many of us will do that?

my handphone also full with songs!

times to change....;-)

[danial][ma] said...

hej! mazddaud...yeah, change to at least 8Gb storage hp...;-)

mazddaud said...

hi danial,


with my new nokia xpress music 5800....;-)

kak ja said...

Suka bangat sama ini n3..Tq, Maz.. sgt2 sesuai utk renungan pepagi (buta) Jumaat ni..

azizi said...

insaf. ;-)

mazddaud said...

kak ja,

saya cuma memanjangkan@berkonsi sesuatu yg saya rasa baik yang telah dikongsi orang lain bersama saya....;-)

***isshhh...apasal rasa ayat kat atas tu cam skema ekkk....hehehehe

mazddaud said...


yup, rasa insaf sangat!!!.....baru terasa betapa selama ni dah selalu sangat melebihkan handphone tu......