Monday, January 19, 2009

Coklat.....oh..... coklat.....

Hari ini, tiba2 terasa nak makan coklat sangat. Nasib baik kerja kat "shopping complex", jadi takde hal la nak cari....

Inilah coklat saya tadi...sedap!!!

Ramai orang takut nak makan coklat atas sebab2 tertentu. Rugi tau, hilang satu nikmat hidup. Jadi, di sini saya letakkan "Chocolate Myth vs. Fact",

Chocolate Myth vs. Fact
Setting The Record Straight

Chocolate is high in caffeine
Despite public perception, milk chocolate contains relatively small amounts of caffeine - about the same as a cup of decaffeinated coffee. However, chocolate also contains theobromine, a relative of caffeine. Theobromine is much less powerful than caffeine.

Chocolate causes acne
Despite decades of teenage angst, studies dating as far back as 1960 show no link between eating chocolate and getting acne. The Journal of the American Medical Association, after reviewing extensive research on chocolate and acne, stated "diet plays no role in acne treatment in most patients... even large amounts of chocolate have not clinically exacerbated acne."

Chocolate causes hyperactivity
Blame the clown. Birthday parties cause hyperactivity - not the chocolate that's served. Studies that specifically tested chocolate failed to show any relationship between eating it and hyperactive behavior in children. It is believed the high-stimulus environment in which sugary foods are eaten, such as a birthday party, is what affects behavior.

Chocolate causes migraines
Chocolate has long been targeted as the trigger for migraines and headaches but studies have failed to show any correlation. No relationship has been found even in those migraine sufferers who believed themselves sensitive to chocolate.

Chocolate causes tooth decay
Forget everything your mother ever told you about how eating too many chocolates will give you cavities. Scientists now believe the length of time food stays in your mouth, not its sugar content, is what causes cavities. Chocolate leaves your mouth relatively quickly- it's the things that get stuck in there that are the problem, like crackers, cookies or dried fruit. Studies suggest that dark chocolate and cocoa may actually be good for dental health because flavanol antioxidants and other compounds in cocoa and chocolate slow the build-up of plaque.

People crave chocolate as if they have a biological need for it
A chocolate craving is really just a desire for pleasure, and has no physiological cause. In one study, people who reportedly craved chocolate were given cocoa, which contains all of the compounds and nutrients believed to cause chocolate cravings. However, their "cravings" were only satisfied by pieces of white and milk chocolates, which contain far fewer of these compounds. This indicates that people may have a strong desire for the taste and mouthfeel of chocolate, but this desire is not connected to a physiological dependency.

An allergy to chocolate is common
Chocolate is not a typical food allergen. Of the approximately one to two percent of American adults and five to eight percent of children that have a true food allergy, 90 percent are allergic to either milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish or shellfish. Depending on the type of chocolate, one or more of these ingredients could be present in a chocolate product. Read labels carefully.

Harap2 lepas ni takde orang yang takut nak makan coklat lagi ye....;-)


rerama salju said...

kalau macam tu blh la akak mkn coklat selalu ya?...tapi akak suka mkn coklat jer, tak suka beli,cemana?hahahaha

[danial][ma] said...
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[danial][ma] said...

hej! mazddaud...but chocolate makes me fat! hahahaha...

azizi said...

cokelat. sedap.
kalau free lagi sedap.
kan rerama kan ..

Jumper said...

For someone who earns a living producing chocolates, I give this entry a standing ovation for highlighting the facts against the myths. Enjoy eating the chocolates. As a woman, you should be lucky that once chocolate was prohibited to Aztecs women as it was thought as aphrodisiacs exclusively for men of certain class.
Have a nice day!

mazddaud said...


boleh makan selalu...baik utk kesihatan...hehehe

tak suka beli??? ishhhh....saya suka beli tapi, selalunya org lain pula tolong abiskan....hahahaha

mazddaud said...

hi danial,

fat but cute.....hehehehe

mazddaud said...


"free" lagi sedap.....kalau ikut "logic" memang tak dapat dinafikan tu.....hehehehe

mazddaud said...

Hi Jumper,

Thanks......just to find some excuses when I'm craving for the chocolate actually...hehehe

You have a nice day too!!

kak ja said...

Nak KIT KAT gaaakkkkkkk!!!

mazddaud said...

No comment...;-)