Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sahabat - by Aizat

Mengapa kau pergi
Tinggal aku sendiri
Kau tahu ku tak sanggup

Ingatlah kau selalu
Jadi yang terbaik
Walau kau tak disini lagi

Aku rindu padamu
Datang walau sesaat
Ku inginkan kau hadir

Aku di sini dan menunggu
Diam tanpa dirimu
Kau tahu ku tak bisa
Beranjak terbang dan melayang
Tanpa diri mu ku tak bisa dan kembalilah


azizi said...

jiwang nampak ?
hmm, ada apa2 ke .. spekulasi ni :-)

mazddaud said...

jiwang? apa-apa apa?...he..he..he..?

ishhhh..tak baik buat spekulasi tau!!....:))

[danial][ma] said...

hej! mazddaud...just to pay a visit to are McDee maybe i can have some free sundae...hehehehe...just joking...sorry the comment is nothing to do with your posting...just wanna know whether the cheese McDee uses is vegetarian type or not...i mean the rennet is from animal source or plant source...ok, that's my question for Ms Manager...ciao! Have a productive week ahead...

mazddaud said...

Hi Danial,

thanks for the sundae? no problem, just come to my outlet and sure i will give you a treat..:-)

well, Malaysia McD currently use the New Zealand cheese (for others country it might be different) but i'm not really sure about the rennet. i will check with my QA department and come back to you later..:-)

you know, the question that you asked...never cross my mind before and now i'm also curious about it..he..he..he..